September 3, 2018

Master Bedroom Bedding Refresh

Hi there!  I recently did a little bedroom bedding refresh and wanted to share it with you all.  I loved our Ruched Duvet Bedding that we had for over 6 years, but it was time for a refresh!  Although it held up really well wash after wash, it was starting to show it's age.  You can see our previous bedroom bedding here.

When looking for new bedding I knew I wanted to keep the same look (white), but I did want to switch to a quilt.  I love the plush look of a duvet, but I'll be honest I dreaded taking out the insert to wash it.  I recently switched out both kids' bedding to quilts and love how easy it is to throw the whole quilt in the wash.  And guess where I found everything...Target, of course!

We still want to upgrade to a king size upholstered bed in here, but for now I'm loving how the new bedding refreshed this room!
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