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March 20, 2013

office progress

I haven't shared any pictures of our home office/study on here yet because this is how it was looking about a month ago:
Oh my makes me was a major eye soar.  And this room is literally right when you walk in our front door, YIKES it looks bad!  It also has glass french doors, so there was no closing the door and hiding it.  I could no longer stand to look at or be in this room, so one weekend we finally pulled out one of the bookshelves and got to work.  It has taken us about 6 weeks to get to to this point.  We sprayed it outside (more on that process to come), so it had to be done not only when we had time, but also when the weather was nice.
There is still lots to do in here.  It's hard to tell in this picture, but I wanted all the furniture pieces along the back wall to be white and the front table to be a soft gray.  But I think the gray I picked (and I knew it at the paint store) is too light.  I need more contrast, so it will probably go back out to get a quick coat of paint.  There is also some styling that needs to happen on the bookshelves and a large open wall above the back desk and in between the bookshelves that needs something.  I have an good idea of what I want to do, just need time to get it done.  We also need a desk chair.  This is one of my dining room chairs that we are using in here for now.  Even if we don't do anything else for awhile, just painting these pieces has made such a huge transformation that I can now live with ;)
It is definitely one of those projects that I've said a million times now, "why didn't we do this soon???"
Update:  I created this inspiration board to hang above the back desk.  You can go here for the full post.
 Update:  You can go here to see how we painted the office.


  1. Looking great, so light and bright! Looking forward to paint post.

  2. I love the lightness of it, and how it's simple and so classy. I feel like I could get things done in that workspace!

  3. Lovely. I can't wait to see the rest of it. Thanks for sharing.


  4. It looks absolutely fabulous! Looking forward to seeing the room when it's finished xx

  5. So far it's looking gorgeous!! Can't wait for the big reveal. Thanks for stopping by Finding Fabulous the other day. I'll be back ;)

  6. It looks gorgeous! I am also in the process of putting my office together and right now it is a huge eye sore. I am so ready for it to be decorated and finished. I am a new follower and came across your blog on the blog hop. You have so many great re-do's and I love your style.

    Justina @

  7. That's the way I imagine my office when I have my house. I will be waiting for the paint post!


  8. Can you please come over and decorate my house?! ;)

  9. I love it! Where is the desk from!?

  10. Just found this on your blog! I love everything about it!! What a transformation!! ...Happy Thanksgiving! =)


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