July 31, 2012

july summer bliss

A recap of our July in pictures.

{hanging out at the beach club}

{playing outside}

{completing our summer reading program at the library} 

{chasing the neighborhood bunnies}

 {posing...sweet girl - she is always happy to pose for the camera}

{enjoying weekends at the coast}

{catching up on my favorite magazines} 

{making peanut butter blossoms} 

{riding bikes without training wheels for this little 4 yr old}

{swimming at the Lifetime club pool}

I can hardly believe tomorrow is August 1st and our summer will be wrapping up.  But we are going to soak up what's left and continue to enjoy the carefree days as much as we can :)


  1. It looks like you have had a fun summer with your kiddiewinks :-)

    1. Hi Jess, We have really enjoyed our summer. Hope you've had a great summer too!.

  2. So glad I found you through Life of Faith!!!!


  3. I love seeing a month in photos. The kids trophies for reading are great, they must be so proud of themselves.

    1. Thanks. Yes, they really got into the reading program and the trophy at the end was a good reward to keep them going. Have a great day :)

  4. What fun summer photos!!! It looks like you guys have had a blast:) Thanks for linking up and for linking back to my blog;) Sorry about my button not working. I will work on getting that fixed! Following ya!

  5. thanks for linking up love! these are beautiful photos, they beach ones are fabulous! xo Kelly


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