October 17, 2012

blog design

Over the past week or so, I have been trying to clean up my blog design a bit.  After spending time stalking visiting other blogs I admire, I have changed things up a little.  I tried to clean up the right side of my blog and make it easier to navigate.  I added topic categories, titles, social media icons and finally created an "about me" page.  Here is my "about me" page:

About Me

…i am
a texas girl.
a wife.
a mommy.
a daughter.
a registered nurse.
a dreamer.
…i love
to decorate.
to organize.
to entertain.
to travel.
to style.
to create.
to photograph.
to exercise.
to imagine.

…i adore
sharing time with friends and family,
the ocean, 
making memories, 
college football.
Thank YOU for stopping by and WELCOME to THIS IS HAPPINESS 

I would love to hear from you.  Email me @ beckykubecka@yahoo.com

I hope this makes things easier.
Do you manage your own blog design or do you work with a desginer?



  1. Hi, Becky! Love your "About Me" list. Aside from the RN part (I admire that very much), you sound EXACTLY like me :-) I also love a clean blog design ~ yours looks great!

  2. I'm loving this space and have really enjoyed browsing thru your posts!! I'm still learning all the ins&outs of blog designing and just recently asked a fellow blogger to help me...I'm excited for the changes. What you've done looks great! You're pictures and writing really pop!

  3. Love the new design!! Very clean and pretty :-)


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