December 12, 2012

celebrating seven

This past weekend we celebrated Preston's 7th birthday!  He's birthday is December 25th, so we usually do an early December birthday party. 

This was one of the easiest parties we've done.  I have absolutely nothing creative to share with you, but I do have one happy almost 7 year old boy :) 

I think this is the first birthday party that I did almost nothing for except send out evites :)  It was all bowling and arcade related, and all we had to do was SHOW UP!  Such a great, stress-free birthday party ~ perfect for a very busy December!

Have an amazing day!


  1. Happy Early Birthday to Preston! We had a bowling party for Jack and it was super easy! Yay for stress -free anything right now!

  2. What a beautiful blog I follow you.

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  3. Such a good idea for an early Dec bday. My sons birthdays are Dec 28 & Jan 9 and we have always done a combined bday party in between.
    Im going to start doing an early Dec and late Jan bday party now.


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