December 11, 2012

oh christmas tree

This year for our Christmas tree we changed things up a bit. First, we changed the location.  Last year our tree was in our foyer, which was pretty, but a little uncomfortable on Christmas morning sitting on the cold, hard tile opening presents.   I love having it next to the fireplace (yay for colder weather, so we can fire it up) in our family room.  This is the space where we gather most.  It opens to our kitchen and the seating is much more comfortable for opening presents :) 

As far as decorating, we only put lights and ornaments on the tree this year.  In the past, I put beaded garland and ribbon, but decided to skip all that this year.  I also used to do an all white and gold tree, but this year we have every color and every kind of ornament including Christopher Radko ornaments, popsicle-stick-kid-made ornaments, glass angels, feathered swans, plastic ballet shoes, etc.  It makes it special for the kids to see the ornaments hanging on the tree that they created and to look back at all the ones we have collected, inherited, and received over the years.

The last thing I changed about our tree was the top.  For years, a fluffy white and gold angle graced the top, but this year I used gold berry clusters to finish off our tree.
What about you ~ how do you decorate your Christmas tree?  Has it changed over the years?
Merry Tuesday!



  1. I like how you did the top of the tree. Very different. We have an angel but I'm not a huge fan of it. I like stars usually or do I like how people put bows or like you did.

  2. So pretty! And I love the topiaries on the mantle. Very chic christmas!

  3. I am loving your tree and mantle! Simply elegant!
    visiting from

  4. Beautiful decor! Stopping by from the link up

  5. It looks so beautiful, Becky. Don't you love how the lights warm your room? I turn mine on first thing every morning :)

  6. wow, absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the frame. And of course that tree is incredible. I love what you did with the top- I have always done a traditional star.

  7. Cute tree!
    In our home the largest room is our bedroom. Its very large and has a 12 ft tall cathedral ceiling. Ive talked my hubby into getting a 12 foot tree after Christmas on clearance when they are super cheap so next year we can put our main tree in our room and the kids can open gifts in our room....we never have to get out of bed :)
    I love having multiple trees in our home!

  8. I love how simple and elegant the tree is! It is so tall!

  9. Love your tree and the simple decor! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Becky - Just STUNNING! Everything. Would you be willing to share the name of the beautiful font you used in this post (cursive "Merry Christmas"); I'd love to use that in a printing project I'm working on for a client. Thank you ; )If you'd feel more comfortable emailing it, let me know.

  11. so beautiful! i love the white stone fireplace- everything looks beautiful around it!

  12. It is lovely! I like the two small trees in addition to the big Christmas tree.

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