January 2, 2013

less is more


I am grateful for a new year and love the thought of a fresh start.  I woke up yesterday morning and came up with a few goals for myself.  These are a few things I want to work on this year, and I'm writing them down on my chalkboard to help me stay focused. 

There are other more obvious ones, like eating healthier and exercising more, but these are some that I need to really remind myself of, so I'm hoping that the act of writing them and seeing them will keep me focused.

I hope to embrace each day and live with intention!

I am ready for you 2013!



  1. Great post Becky. Happy New Year!!!


  2. What fun pictures! Here's to a Happy and Prosperous 2013! And that reminds me...I need to have a little more fun, too. :)

  3. these are fabulous resolutions! less is more. :) i wish you the happiest 2013!

  4. I love love LOVE this! (popped by via TT&J) Sooo much better than a huge, unattainable list! Good call ;-)


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