January 10, 2013

our 2012 yearbook

I sat down and finished our 2012 family photobook.  You can view it here.  I had it up to date until Halloween, so I had a big head start.  It was something on my list that I just wanted to get crossed off.  I also wanted to take advantage of the New Year discount that My Publisher was offering.  Very happy that it is finished!


And I made myself put together 3 more pages for Lyla's digital scrapbook that I talked about awhile back.  You can see more of the kids' scrapbooks here.  I did Preston's until he turned 5 yrs, and Lyla will be 5 in March, and as much fun as they have been, I am ready to wrap them up as well.

Do you print photos to place in albums or do you use photobooks?

Have a Terrific Day!


  1. Isn't the an awesome feeling?!?! I LOVE getting our book finished each year...it takes so much time but is so worth it! I hardly ever print off photos anymore, just use the once a year book as a chance to compile them all in one place. your book looks awesome! :)

  2. Oh I love your daughters Halloween custom!


  3. Beautiful pictures and congrats on getting those to-do's crossed off. I have way too many of those at the moment. :)


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