February 28, 2013

decorating with houseplants

I love the life a plant brings to a room.  Especially big, green leafy plants like the fiddle leaf fig. 

I had a large fiddle leaf fig in our previous home, that lived with us for years. But when we moved it got damaged and so I've been without for almost 2 years.  I know the fiddle leaf fig decorating trend was all the rave last year, even making them hard to find and quite pricey at one point. Last week, I popped into Home Depot and picked up this little one for $7.  I know it's not as big and as tree-like as the one in the above picture, but for the price, I was okay starting out with a smaller one that I can grow.  I re-potted it and added this basket from Target.

This corner of my dining room gets lots of light and and is really bare, so this is where it landed.  I'm not sure why, but I usually do pretty well with houseplants.  It might be because the minute the sun comes up, I turn off every light and open all the shutters and shades to let the natural light flood in.  I thrive on sunlight!
How are you with houseplants?  Do you incorporate them in your home decor?


  1. Your blog looks so chic, I couldn't help but want to stick around! My husband and I are house hunting this year (starting in March, yay!) so I'll be needing all the decorating tips I can get! Happily following along from the hop!


  2. Love houseplants, but only a few. They're perfect for those bare corners. I buy our palm plants at Lowe's for $15. Found you through the Grow Your Blog Linky party and I followed ;) http://www.facebook.com/FindingFabulousforLess

  3. Hey I'm stopping by from the linkup and am you're newest follower :) I'm more distracted by your gray chairs, those are beautiful!!


  4. Your house is beautiful! Stopping by from blog hop. LOVE your blog!

    Newest follower :)


  5. I found you on GYB. What a lovely blog you have!

    Sara from http://myfinnishdelights.blogspot.se/

  6. I found you on GYB too! Very elegant and Pinteresty (is that a word?) Going to follow you and hope you'll follow me back!


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