February 4, 2013

insta weekend

Good Morning!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  The weather here was absolutely gorgeous so we took advantage and spent lots of time outdoors.  On Sunday we decided to make a quick trip to the the coast to walk on beach.  We quickly hopped in the car, not realizing that even though it was fairly warm, once we got to the beach and the ocean breeze hit us, we were all a little chilly!  All we had in the car that was warm was my husband's pull over fleece and an old towel, so you may noticed that Preston and Lyla are wearing those two items :)  It was a great time ~ we pretty much had the beach to ourselves!

Have a fantastic day!


  1. Our weather was beautiful too this weekend! Looks like a fun day for your family!!

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Looks like a perfect day!

  3. These pictures are seriously stunning. LOVE LOVE LOVE!


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