April 9, 2013

bathroom storage tower {organization and $1 update}


Good Morning!  Thank you all so much for all the sweet comments and emails yesterday for our anniversary.  It was a romantic evening spent at the baseball and softball fields.  Preston had a game and Lyla had practice, so Grant and I headed in opposite directions :)  But we have a kid-free weekend planned for the end of April, so we can celebrate more then. 

Our master bath has two storage towers on the side of our sinks.  My side was looking pretty sad.  It was a disorganized mess!  So I finally got around to getting it in order.
I used a small glass dish and bowl to hold some of my jewelry pieces.  And this simple flower coffee cup that I picked up at Home Goods, to hold some of my makeup brushes.  I added this beaded flower hook from Urban Outfitters to hold my bangles and bracelets.
I wanted to add a little color, so I used this bright, cheerful paper as backing.  I have been so inspired by Courtney's wrapping paper wallpaper in her daughter's closet office and Jennifer's bookshelf wrapping paper backing on her office shelves, that I felt this little space would be a perfect place to give it a try in my home. So this colorful paper backing these cabinets is from the Target dollar bin.


It was a simple little project that added some fun color and girlyness to my side of our bath.  And the best part is, when I'm tired of it, I can easily remove it!

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  1. Ah that's so pretty and makes me even more excited for Spring! Recently started following your blog and love it!



    1. thanks! we are finally getting spring weather here and i'm loving it!

  2. All of your home projects are always so cute! I love decorating that is easily switched out when I get tired with it.

    1. Me too! Now my wheels are turning thinking of all the places I can use this wrapping paper :)

  3. oh my!! That is the best makeover -- simple, quick and the pops of color are just perfect and cheery! Great job!!! Now, I'm inspired and will need to start covering spaces in wrapping paper throughout my home! This could be dangerous...:)

  4. Squeal. Amazing what paper and organization can do. I have that wrapping paper and love it. Looks awesome.


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