April 11, 2013

take me out to the ball game...

 {Lyla's team, the Ponytails, cheering in the dugout.  Lyla is #3}

{Preston #4 and his buddies enjoying a post game snow cone and watching the older boys play}

Both kids are playing ball this Spring which is keeping us busy.  Preston is playing machine pitch Rookie 7 Little League and Lyla is playing 6 and under coach pitch softball.  With 2 -3 events each week per kid we have spent a lot of time at the fields both February, March and April.  It's been busy, but a lot of fun!
Enjoy your day! 


  1. cute pictures! looks fun!!


  2. Adorable!! I remember when my guys started ball..now my daughter is on the Junior High team and my son is on 11-12. We are just starting our seasons here and we love it!!


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