April 17, 2013

patio update


Good Morning! Back today to share a little about our back patio.   Awhile back, I wrote about our search for patio furniture that fit our budget, but haven't done an update. After having to return two of the four chairs that were damaged when they arrived, we did finally get a nice complete set. We've been really happy with the look, comfort and function of the set.

Now, I need some finishing touches.  I'm thinking of accenting with blue and this yummy tangerine color.  I'm so drawn to this color lately! 
 Love the energy and warmth of orange. It has a bit less intensity than red, because it's calmed by the cheerfulness of yellow. It's energetic and grabs attention and I think it will be perfect for a summer patio!
Now that Spring is here ~ are you moving outdoors?



  1. LOVE IT! If you see a random person hanging out on your porch, it is just me! haha :)

  2. Beautiful furniture! It IS expensive.. I'm looking for a couple chairs that are similar to these. I should have bought some at the end of last season! The pillows are perfect and I like the pop of orange.

  3. Nice choice of furniture set, perfectly suited with your bricked wall, well if my patio is as beautiful as that, I am willing to!

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