June 24, 2013

office project update {piano bench swatches}

Good Morning!  How was your weekend?  Ours involved house and car cleaning, a visit from my parents, a party for our friends that are moving and getting these pretty little swatches in the mail.  I love them all so much, but I'm thinking that the first one - charcoal city maze is going to work best for this project.  It looks so pretty against the light gray piano.  You can see in the picture above a little sneak peak of the piano now in a very light gray color.  It looks so much better!  More too come on that process. 

And because the piano has taken up residence in our study, here is a reminder of how the rest of the room looks.  It sits directly across from this desk and I think the charcoal gray will look great with the rest of the space and tolerate my kids climbing on and off of it!  Once I get the seat finished, I'll share the piano transformation.  If you're interested, you can go here to see how we painted the office furniture.  We are getting there, but at snail's pace :)

Have a great day!



  1. i love the charcoal maze one, too! it's going to look amazing! xo

  2. The first one is my favorite two - where did you get the fabric samples from? They are beautiful!

    1. The samples are Caitlin Wilson. Love, love her fabrics!


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