September 27, 2013

five on friday

Hip, hip, hooray for Friday!  Five on Friday happening with these amazing ladies DarciNatasha, Christina, and April.

1.  First up this picture from 10/3/2009.  I posted it on instagram yesterday for #throwbackthursday.  I have great memories of this day and feel so blessed to have these two.  Sometimes I look back and miss how little they were (#tear), but I also love experiencing each new phase with my kids as they get older.  Bittersweet for sure :)

2.  So excited to have this show back.  Love it!  You?

3.  Loving my new, high quality print from Map My State.  Just what Preston's room needed.  This giveaway still going on if you would like a chance to win an 11" X 14" print from Map My State.  Map + typography = perfect!
4.  Jeans update.  After much debate earlier this week on these very cute, affordable jeans, I finally purchased them.  Because Nordstrom's offers free shipping and returns, I went ahead and ordered.  I figured it was cheaper than spending money on gas driving to go try them on, since I could return them for free :)  They should come next week, so I'll let you know how they fit. 
This Is Happiness PROJECTS tab

5.  And finally blog organizing.  I spent some time yesterday organizing my tabs on my right side bar.  I use InLinkz's project manager tool and have created five categories:  ENTERTAINING, FOOD, HOLIDAY, ORGANIZATION, AND PROJECTS.  My hope is that it's helpful to readers, but I also love seeing all my projects, recipes, etc. organized on one page.  Above is a sample page of my PROJECTS page.  Settle down my organizing heart :)  How do you organize your blog?
  And that's a wrap!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Love love the picture of your kiddos - so sweet! And 10/3/09 was my wedding day!! Have a great weekend!

  2. I can't wait to see what you think of the jeans!! And, thanks for the heads up on the maps/coffee mugs. I entered the giveaway, but I think they may be a few Christmas presents this year! ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Love that picture of your kids!! Have a great weekend :)

  4. Such a cute pic of the kiddos. I so need to organize all of my projects on my blog. Have a fantastic weekend.

  5. I'm excited for the Voice! It's a fave around here. Love Map my State, need that for the littles room. And how cute are those kiddos? Cute blog!

  6. Love those jeans and I love love love the Voice. Blake is my fave.

  7. I love those state prints! Just pinned them to my nursery inspiration board.

  8. I'm definitely checking out a few your DIYs from your projects tab. Our current rental is less than fabulous to say the least at the moment, but in hopes of getting us to stay longer, the landlord is pretty much letting us decorate and paint as we choose. I know that I already want to check it and possibly try your Gold Vases DIY.

  9. What a sweet pumpkin patch picture! I can see why you love it!

  10. hey girlie!!! thanks for the blog organizing tip...keeping that one in my back pocket for the future!!!

    hope you're having a lovely weekend! happy friday!! :) elise

  11. Visiting from the Five on Friday linkup! I am taking my little one to the pumpkin patch tomorrow - I'm glad you had that pic to look back on! I try to watch the Voice as much as I can, too! Your state print is awesome, and I recognize the little bowl from Target this summer! We used it for my son's nautical first birthday party. And oh my goodness I may need to follow your blog or pin all of those great organizing ideas! Chevron is always a favorite of mine!

  12. Aw, love that sweet throwback picture! They were so little!

    I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the jeans! I have a different pair of Vigoss jeans and my only complaint is that they ride kind of low and I always have to wear a belt. Turns out low-waisted jeans and a chasing a crawler don't mix well ;)

  13. hey girl hey! you have the cutest blog and i'm jealous! it makes me want to redo mine...right now. thought i would show some link-up love! find me at bloglovin' -

    also...i'm going to send pictures of my blank bedroom and you're going to tell me how to style it...okay? :)

  14. Soooo. How are the jeans? Do you like them? I need a new pair, I am over my skinny jeans. I like these, and most of all they are affordable. Soooo, are they a thumbs up?

  15. Soooo. How are the jeans? Do you like them? I need a new pair, I am over my skinny jeans. I like these, and most of all they are affordable. Soooo, are they a thumbs up?


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