October 25, 2013

flashback friday

We were looking through old photo albums and videos with the kids last weekend and they love seeing themselves when they were "little."  I love how there are so many memories in one little picture.  When I look at photographs, I'm transported back to that time the picture was taken and I become emerged in whatever the event, people, or feelings that are associated with the photograph.
So today I'm taking a break from diys, home décor, food, and fashion to share some old personal pictures.  Shall we reminisce...

1.    Pictures of Preston and Lyla together

{Summer 2010}
{Fall 2009}
{Christmas  2010}
2.  Pics of just Preston

{Spring 2009}

{Spring 2011}
3.   Pics of Lyla

{Fall 2011}
Summer 2010} 
4.  Pics of all four of us.

{Summer 2010}

{May 2010}
{May 2010}

{Summer 2007}
{Christmas 2010}

5.  And last is this video of Lyla saying her bedtime prayers at age 2yrs, which I cherish so much.{Summer 2010}

p.s. Ruby was our basset hound, who is no longer with us :(  They used to like to pray for her too :)


I just randomly went through and picked a few pictures.  None of these are professional quality and I actually had to scan a few, but each has a special memory for our little family.  And clearly they were before I knew anything about taking pictures and editing, but I still love them!

You can also view this post to see more family pictures.  And now that I'm full swing on instagram, I usually tend to share our daily photos there.  So come follow along here if you like seeing the more personal day to day moments.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Stopping by from the link up. You have a beautiful family!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Love all of these pics! Your kids are so adorable and it's so bittersweet to look back! Have a great weekend!

  3. Super cute photos! You have a beautiful family, happy Friday and have a great weekend!

  4. I love finding old pictures...that's the best part of moving/packing. You are all gorgeous...especially the kiddos ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. So cute- just made my day! Beautiful family! -enjoy your weekend!!

  6. i love this idea. my parents were so good at keeping photo albums and taking home videos. i cherish their hard work and memory collecting still today!!! my siblings and i still LOVE going through old photos and watching home videos (even though we've already seen them all 1,000,000 times!!)! what treasured memories...taking you right back to that point of time, like you said :)


  7. I love it! That second picture of them holding hands walking with the tress in the background....beautiful. I love looking through old photos; it really does bring back great memories.

    Have a wonderful weekend friend!

  8. These are just precious!!! It makes me realize why taking a million pics all of the time is so worth it, so thank u!


  9. Awe...such adorable pics! We got caught up in going through old photos a few weeks ago - makes me sad how fast my girls are growing up :-(


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