December 12, 2013

a little Christmas outside


Good Morning!  How did it become Thursday already??  With Lyla starting off the week sick, then basketball practice Monday night, First Reconciliation Tuesday night and piano Wednesday night, and me running around like a crazy person all day trying to finish Christmas shopping and prepare for Preston's 8th birthday party on Sunday, it has flown by!  For you too?

So do you decorate outdoors for Christmas?  We do a little bit outside...white lights along the landscape beds and my 11 year old lighted wreath!  I added a few lights to the potted topiary this year, but that's about it.  Every year I plug in my wreath with my fingers crossed that the lights will still work.  So far so good this year...yay!  It even has the same bow I made 11 years ago ;)  I snapped this picture of our outside Christmas lights on Sunday evening right as it was getting dark.  And I can't believe the knockout roses were still blooming in this picture.  It did finally get below freezing recently, so I think their time is up.

Anyhoo...hope your week is going well.  I'm curious to know...are you done Christmas shopping?  Or are you scrambling around like me this year?

In the end it all falls into place, right?!


  1. I've never seen a picture of the outside of your house - it's gorgeous! I'm jealous that you still have roses blooming although I am enjoying how pretty everything looks outside after our first snow of the season!

  2. I like the more simple white light look for outdoor decor too. Don't get me wrong I love the crazy festive ones too but my house will never look like that!

  3. LOVE it! Love your house too, it's beautiful! Halfway done shopping - hoping to wrap up next week while the little's at preschool:).

  4. Love your decor! I'm still scrambling to get everything ready for Xmas, but I have to just remind myself that it's all part of the fun. After all the scrambling you kind of appreciateslowing down for the holidays more, I think :)

  5. I can't believe I am about to say this... but I am just about done with shopping! We need to pick up something for the BIL and his girlfriend, but we know what we are getting. And The Man of the House's best friend - which means that's his responsibility. Other than that... DONE! thank you online shopping!
    I love the lighted wreath and the lights on the topiary.

  6. We do a little decorating outside. Christmas lights around our roof. A wreath on the front door. I'd like to do a few more next year, though, because the kids love outside decorations. No, I'm still scrambling. I'm ALMOST done but have some shopping to do this weekend. Hope you get yours done and have a good party Sunday!


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