December 5, 2013

update via instagram


Good Morning!  Here's a quick look at what's been happening around here via my instagram pictures.  Starting at the top left and moving to the right:

1 & 2 - during one of our long drives over the Thanksgiving holidays I experimented with 'A Beautiful Mess App' and really like it.  In the first picture of Lyla and I, Preston was the photographer, so neither are we centered or in position yet, but of the 10 he took this was the best one.  So I added some graphics with that app to make it look a little better :)  In the second picture, Lyla is obsessed with learning how to do a cartwheel and did at least 1000 while we were at my brother and sister-in-law's house.  I thought the hearts were perfect for all her sweet effort ;)

3 - love seeing our Christmas tree when I walk in the front door...makes he so happy.

4 -  my dessert tray for Thanksgiving (all the recipes under my FOOD tab)

5 - a favorite family picture :)

6 - started wrapping gifts this week

7 - my boxwood wreath with black and white striped ribbon...<3 it!

8 & 9 -  two of my favorite kiddos :)  Love those two to pieces!

Now off to address my Christmas cards and plan Preston's birthday.  He's a Christmas baby, so it's always fun to squeeze in a birthday this time of the year :) 

Have an amazing day!


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