December 27, 2013

white winter mantel


Good Morning Everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful, joyous Christmas.  It was a busy week traveling here and there to spend Christmas with both sides of our families, but well worth it to see everyone!

Once Christmas is over, I am so anxious to put all my decorations away.  I absolutely love having it out during the Christmas season, but as soon as we finish our last celebration, I'm ready to start taking it down.  I started with my mantel yesterday.  And I am so very impressed with my paperwhites.  We left for a couple of days, and I expected to find them wilted and done, but so not the case.  They are straight and upright and still blooming, so I changed out the ribbon and moved them to the mantel.

I love the simple, fresh, crisp look...just like I want to start the New Year...simple, fresh, and crisp :)

So, tell me I'm not alone with the immediate tear down of Christmas decorations the minute it's over? 

Have a terrific day!

p.s.  thanks so much for all the birthday wishes yesterday on instagram!  They really made my day even brighter.


  1. Love the simplicity! I am ready to clear out clutter - :) Very pretty!

  2. Beautiful. I am ready too, except the rest of the family will kill me! It will be happening soon though. Have to drive baby girl back to Texas in a week, and it is getting done beforehand.

  3. The child in me doesn't want to take our decorations down for weeks!! We'll do it on New Year's Day probably. I love those paper whites. I'm not too flower savvy so they are new to me. Where did you buy yours? They would look great on my mantel as well!

    1. Thanks Ally! I got the paperwhites at Whole Foods and I have been so impressed with them!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  4. It looks so pretty! I am dying to take down my decorations too, but I hate how bare everything looks. I am trying to figure out what winter decor to put up now.
    The Grass Skirt

  5. The paperwhites are lovely! Usually I am slow to take away Christmas, but this year I was ready! Packed it all yesterday. I was tired of all the clutter!

  6. I'm always ready to get things put away right after Christmas too but our new house is still a little sparse on art and accessories so this year I'm letting the Christmas decs linger a little longer because I'm enjoying the more accessorized look! Love the paperwhites over the fireplace!


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