December 30, 2013

top 10 recipes of 2013

Now that I blogged for a full year in 2013, it was fun to look back on all my projects, recipes and some of our personal adventures as well.  I have to say that I'm amazed at how many recipes I shared this past year.  Some are old recipes that I've made many times and some are new ones that I tried and loved!  So I went through my FOOD tab and picked my top 10 recipes from 2013 to share one more time.  You can click the link below each picture for the recipe.  I thought some of these might come in handy if you're still looking for something to make for your New Years celebrations as well.  And you can find more of my recipes here
Thanks again so much for reading this past year!  It's been a fun year!  And I'm looking so forward to what 2014 will bring!
Have an amazing day!


  1. You make some yummy meals!! I made the ritz dipped in chocolate for a work Christmas party. They were so good and pretty easy to make! I think the mushroom spread is going to be made very soon!

  2. Oh my, my mouth is watering. Great recipes, and the photos are fantastic.

  3. Not only do these all look amazing but your photography is phenomenal. Happy new year!

  4. You are such a creative cook Becky! These all look divine (and the ones that I've tried really are)! You should be a professional food photographer :)
    Happy New Year!


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