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February 26, 2014

our dining room table that my husband built


Good Morning!  I’ve had several questions recently about our dining room table, so I thought I would share the details with you today.  When we moved into our current home almost 3 years ago, I sold our very out-dated, formal dining set.  It wasn’t my style at all, and I told my husband that I disliked it so much that I’d rather have an empty dining room, then bring it with us ;)  So that’s what we did.  And I knew exactly what kind of table I wanted, but wow they all had a very big price tag.  So finding a table to fit in our budget is what lead us to make our own.  So here’s how our table started…



Several really old, dirty boards that we found at a reclaimed wood lumber yard in Gonzalez, TX.  These particular planks, we were told, were once part of an old building built in the 1890's in San Antonia, TX.  Who knows if that’s true, but it sounds good, so we’ll go with it ;) 
The picture below are the boards after we washed them.  It was amazing how much better they looked just getting them clean.





The pictures above are several I took while my husband was building it.  You can also go here, here and here for a more on how this table started.  
And after several weeks, it finally looked like this...