July 28, 2014

Window Seat / Electrical Cord Concealor

 photo fef22d49-c81b-47fb-9b81-dfb0b16a6938_zps90f45eef.jpg

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Hi there!  How was your weekend?  We stayed in town and knocked out a couple of projects that have been on our to-do-list forever!  And one of those projects was to fix our electrical cord problem in our home office.  As you can see in the pictures below, it was a mess.  At one time, when we first moved into our home, we had the desk in front of the window and it concealed all the cords, the modem, phone receiver, etc.   But when we painted and rearranged our office furniture over a year ago, we were left with a mess of cords.

 photo 9b2b6f40-1c22-4579-91c5-39addbb84f92_zps23503682.jpg

So last week when Lyla and I were passing time while Preston was at baseball camp, I spotted this storage bench and knew it would be a perfect solution to this problem.  The only modification we had to make was to drill a hole in the back panel for the cords.  Easy, peasy!! 

 photo d2964156-ac89-4cbb-b550-7e0f27ce56d1_zps3492662d.jpg

 photo ac2dbb01-896a-456b-8abd-178ae6fd2c89_zpsb272f0cb.jpg

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 photo e208aecb-fa43-4eff-b6dd-8b58501d2fad_zps1f2f674c.jpg

I can't tell you how happy I am with this project!  It was such an eye soar in this space and it could all be seen when you entered the door to our study!  I hope to find some new throw pillows to add to it as well.  When I looked back at the office pictures that I shared here on my blog, I realized that we've made a few updates in this room that I never shared, so I hope to share a few more pics later this week.

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Great find! We have issues with cord clutter in our office that I have yet to figure out - love your solution!

  2. Perfect for the space! I hate all those unsightly cords that electronics require. I have a mess in the basement tv area I have to address!!

  3. Perfect solution! Looks lovely. :)

  4. It looks great! I love that little bench! Simple, and easy solution. Love it!

  5. Looks terrific! Great way to clean up the "messes of life!" and looks fantastic,too. Jane

  6. Window seats are my favorite..perfect little reading spot!

  7. A lot of people can certainly relate with this predicament. Whether it's a home office or an actual one, seeing these wires hanging around can be quite distracting. I'm glad you came up with an easy solution for this one! What's even better is that this storage bench that you bought even matches with the rest of your furniture, making effective in cleaning out the mess, as well as blending in. Thanks for sharing!

    Carl Lane @ Rosi Office Systems

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! Love seeing the new bench and no cords!



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