August 29, 2014

Fashion Friday // BHG Style

 photo b6b31e6f-736d-49f9-9fd2-bc404c3dc992_zps4a39b499.jpg
jeans (similar here)  // sweater // necklace // heels (similar here & here)

 photo 3a060186-2647-49e1-bb88-cedb1f9cc27c_zpsd88d275e.jpg
 photo ba5a019b-88af-44b7-866b-db3e0ac8db85_zps80d26e13.jpg
jeans // shirt // necklace (similar here & here) // flats(similar)

Happy Friday and yay for the start of a long weekend!  It's always nice to get the first week of school behind us.  Both kids started new after school activities too this week, so it's been a week of adjusting schedules and trying to find a routine again.  But besides being a bit tired, everyone is adjusting well.

Today for my Fashion Friday post, I thought I would talk a little about my wardrobe for our Better Homes and Gardens photoshoot.  Honestly, this was the hardest part of the whole process for me. After I spoke to the wonderful editor and art director at BHG and found out they were coming (ekkk), I immediately started thinking about what I would wear.  And by the way, the people at BHG were so kind and helpful with wardrobe suggestions, and really made me feel so comfortable and made this whole process such a awesome experience!  (But I still stressed a bit about what to wear :)

You know how it is when you are in search of specific pieces, it's like the hardest task ever, but when you're casually walking into a store just browsing, you love everything!  I think I hit every store in Houston and we have some awesome shopping venues here, but had very little success.  Thank goodness for online shopping!  So above are my three outfits that I had ready for the stylist the morning of the shoot.  Which would you choose for a December issue and still look like you're at home?  Oh, and did I mention that my two kiddos were in the picture too, so I had to coordinate with them as well :)  More behind the scenes and what I wore coming soon!



  1. So exciting Becky! I can't wait to hear more about the shoot!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Tiffany! You are always so kind :) It was a really fun experience!

  2. I have not gotten a chance to comment yet but I am super excited about your BHG feature!


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