September 2, 2014

Tour Through Blogland

Good morning!  I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend!  We decided to stay in town and catch up on a few things around here.  As much as I love heading out for the weekend, sometimes it's just nice to be home.

So, you've probably seen some of the tours going around in blogland.  I think it's a fun way to find new sites, so I was definitely on board to be part of it.  A big thank you to Pam, from Simple Details, who invited me to participate.  Be sure to head her way and check out her amazing blog!  Below a few of her fabulous DIY projects!

 photo 63824481-1005-4e54-b22f-1242929f68ab_zpsa21a9c28.jpg
 photo 1dd8960a-e826-4ca6-9cf8-7585a489a1a5_zpsf8376382.jpg
 photo 34ff2922-370b-4a4f-a13d-88a437318675_zpsd5a683a1.jpg

Next up are a few questions for me to answer...

What am I working on right now?

There are definitely a few projects swirling around in my head.  I'm always walking around my home thinking about what I want to do next in a room.  But there are a few rooms that I would really like to focus on and one being my dinning room.  It's on it's way, but I still need drapes, two more chairs and more on the walls.  But because it is located right at the front door and one of the first spaces people see when they enter our home, I would really like to get it looking more finished.

 photo 9064e43d-a3f9-4607-9dea-0f8f6259f091_zps08edade7.jpg

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I think I would probably say the biggest difference is that I like more of a simple, neutral palette in my designs.  My favorite color is white :) and I love more of a tone on tone look to create texture in a space and then adding a pop of color with a pillow or rug.  Not making a huge commitment to color in a space, gives me the flexibility to easily change things up when I want to.  I think design is all about discovering your own personal style and then enjoying the process of creating a beautiful space.

 photo 3ce96b23-3f54-412d-ab92-ad05dc2864fb_zps6220de34.jpg,

 photo 14cf2854-fb84-41ff-b450-79f422caea65_zps7ce40f54.png

 photo 626eaa75-5d42-44b2-ad88-dcca8f817d1f_zps4cbf1e9e.png

How do I write/create what I do and how does my creative process work?
Almost all of my writing comes from projects we've done.  I love my writing to be my original material, so I try to share whatever we are doing around our home, whether it be painting a room or piece of furniture, sharing a recipe I've made, doing a craft with my kids or sharing about a party we hosted, etc.  I've always loved everything about interior/exterior design and decorating.  It's my passion and where I spend most my extra time and money.  If I had to pick between a new pillow for my home or new shirt, I would pick the pillow.  So most of my content is focus on DIY and design, but I love mixing in food and fashion as well.  Some months when I look back at my post, they are mostly DIY, other months recipes, and I've had a couple of months where fashion was my most common topic.  In the end, I think just writing about whatever it is I truly love and not trying to force my writing is how my creative process works. 

Next Up...Two of my favorite bloggers:

Next up are two really sweet, inspiring bloggers.  Not only do they both have the most beautiful families, but their style and creativity always blows me away! 

Bre @ Rooms for Rent

 photo DOUCETTE_003_zps2fdd6968.jpg

Hi, my name is Bre Doucette, Interior Designer behind Doucette Design, and the face behind Rooms FOR Rent blog, where I share my love for interior design, and all my design crazed ideas. First and foremost I am a mom to two beautiful little kids, Carter & Dannika, and wife to my best friend and partner in crime. He is my number one supporter, and makes all of the furniture I design, along with putting up with my never ending list of projects! My passion and goal in design is to "Help Others Love the Space they Live in." Design doesn't have to be complicated, but when it's done just right it's a look you will love forever. When people ask me to describe my style, I smile and say " Well, if Pottery Barn and Country Living magazine had a baby, you'd find me!" On my blog you will find my journey to creating a farmhouse feel into our everyday life.

 photo 73e30e5b-1c89-4de6-9ce8-79f4dfdb70e2_zps257563a8.jpg

 photo f2a4899b-65b8-46e4-b4ed-6d9895c6a01e_zps9f197ed0.jpg

 photo 0b3ba821-853f-4651-bd28-28a7eaabd810_zps74b48a21.jpg

 photo 2e8fe2d5-abf1-4c60-ad05-74469292ff3a_zps48385e42.jpg

 photo 8c4e613c-2bd0-44cb-afa1-2afb24d03c04_zpsdb9ebc5b.jpg

Thanks so much Pam for inviting me and Bre and Jen for allowing me to share your gorgeous homes!


  1. Fun series! Can't wait to check out the other blogs!


  2. Great post, I love getting to know someone better.

  3. I am the same way - I have gone very neutral in the downstairs living area, while the upstairs kids areas are still bright and colorful. It is calming - which is necessary living with two kids and a basset hound!

  4. It was fun learning more about you Becky! I love the fresh look of your simple, neutral palette. You have a way of transitioning it into warm and cozy for the and winter months, too! Thanks for participating!

  5. I love your style Becky. Looking forward to what you're working on next!

  6. I always love learning more about my favorite bloggers! You know I'm a HUGE fan of your decorating style!


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