September 29, 2014

Spinach Queso Dip

 photo 3b92eab0-e40b-4784-9ccb-92a7709d2c63_zps9e7fa4b4.jpg

Good Morning!  I hope your weekend was a good one!  We stayed in town this weekend and had a full day of football on Saturday.  Preston had a game in the morning and then we watched college football the rest of the day!  So to go along with our football viewing, I made this quick, delicious queso dip.  It's really easy and we gobbled it up while it was still warm (after a couple of pictures of course :)  Keep on reading for the yummy recipe.

 photo 43914b5b-1082-4f6f-b637-d997a234003d_zpse83d425f.jpg

 photo 3b92eab0-e40b-4784-9ccb-92a7709d2c63_zps9e7fa4b4.jpg

Spinach Queso Dip

  • 6 tablespoons butter
  • 6 tablespoons flour
  • 2 cup milk (2%)
  • 1 box frozen spinach, thaw and drain all the liquid
  • 2 cup shredded Monterrey Jack cheese
  • 1/2 cup of salsa
  1. Melt butter in saucepan over medium heat, then mix in flour and let cook for a few minutes until golden brown.
  2. Whisk in milk and let simmer until thickened, stirring frequently
  3. Add cheese, spinach and salsa and mix together until cheese melts.  (if dip is too thick add a little more milk or if too runny add more cheese to get desired consistency)
  4. Serve with tortilla chips

P.S.  The winner of the Easy Canvas Print Giveaway is Melodi.  Congratulations!  I will be emailing you soon.

September 26, 2014

Friday Favorites // Touches of Fall

 photo fab79c44-4c05-4241-9629-fb2e0545c5d1_zps4c6486cb.jpg
 photo 437f7b07-2215-42fa-b252-d6fee78783b2_zps3939999c.jpg
 photo bcd0bfa5-8953-43f2-8517-97f0ad175db5_zps88e65c21.jpg
 photo 727fd9cc-ee9e-40a1-a581-051b677b5461_zps89f5a7d2.jpg

Hi there!  And yay for the weekend!  There have been so many gorgeous Fall Home Tours going on and I'm seriously blown away by all the amazing talent!  So today I wanted to share a few inspiring homes with you.  I love all the little, some unexpected, touches of Fall these ladies have added to their homes.  The link below each picture will bring you to even more Fall eye candy. 

Happy Weekend and Happy Fall!

September 23, 2014

Fall Table

 photo d698b131-fac0-49bc-913e-43487c5d6f4c_zpsfd48a687.jpg

Good Morning.  Since we are officially, according to the calendar, in the season of Autumn, I thought I would share my Fall table.  I don't do a lot of decorating for Fall, but I do like to add a little here and there in my home.  This year I was really loving the blue, orange, white combination.

 photo a7b3211c-0bad-46c9-bb8f-8b532393d707_zpsfb3d34b6.jpg

 photo e9402b8b-6a04-4aca-ba18-050da4e4e575_zpsae8dba9c.jpg

The wooden box is from Home Goods and the perfect size for the center of the table to hold my mini pumpkins.  I already had the blue striped napkins, but picked up a couple of matching tea towels to drape over the box.  Inspired by Kelly's table, I decided to add the navy candle holders for an unexpected pop of color.  So those got a quick coat of navy spray paint.

 photo 75992354-f75d-4f09-83ca-cacfc041d97e_zpsc59ec207.jpg

 photo e0edeba9-8bf4-4a2e-9be7-354ac208d0e4_zpsb255a918.jpg

Not wanting to add another color, I went with the baby's breath in my pitcher to keep with a more natural look.

 photo d0416528-268c-4699-867e-9bdb9a3389f3_zpsc5f4f62b.jpg

 photo af334086-91fa-4892-a279-baa275a0d5d5_zpsc6e1dfd2.jpg

I love passing by and seeing the table.  It definitely gets me excited for cooler weather and cozy gatherings.

Have a great day!

September 22, 2014

Canvas Giveaway

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Good Morning!  I hope everyone had a fun weekend!  Last week I shared how one of our favorite family photos was turned into this beautiful canvas and made this little nook by our stairs a brighter spot.  And now it's time to share the fun with you guys!  Easy Canvas Prints is offering a free 16 x 20 (or smaller) canvas print to one lucky reader!  You can use the Rafflecopter below to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
The winner is Melodi!  Congratualtions!  I will be emailing you soon.
Thanks to everyone who entered.

September 19, 2014

Picture Update

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Hey there!  Do you have big plans for the weekend?  We have a few things going on, but nothing too crazy.  I was planning to post today about some of my Fall décor I've been working on, but I didn't quite finish and then we've had such rainy weather which makes photographing it all a bit tricky.  So I'll save that for next week, and instead tell you about some new pictures I added to my home tour feature on my side bar.  I really like having a little snapshot of most rooms in my home all compiled together in this flipsnack book.  You can click here to view the updated version.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

September 17, 2014

DIY No Sew Pom Pom Curtains

 photo 05a0667a-4fc9-4367-8ddc-c763abdb4f68_zps06449018.jpg

Lyla has been asking for curtains in her room for awhile now and my heart has been set on these, but at almost $100/panel, they are a bit more than I wanted to spend.  So, while I was browsing at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon the this pom pom trim and my wheels started turning.  I've seen lots of really cute rooms that have the pom pom trim curtains, which is basically the same look I was going for.  So I decided to give up my love for the tassels and go with the pom poms.

 photo e0d7b514-910b-4224-bddd-95e423194618_zps37c78b4a.jpg

 photo 6360d4e0-f783-4db2-9ae2-931abc6109da_zps7e1a7569.jpg

 photo cc98c4b7-fb8a-4126-81bc-d7fa3974602e_zpsb5614591.jpg

Because I can barely sew on a button, these would have to be no sew!  Have you ever used fabric glue?  It's pretty awesome!  Really easy to use, dries clear, and the hold is fantastic!  So, for $1.99/yard for the the trim, $19 for the panel from Target and $0 for the fabric glue (already had it, but runs about $4) I was able to make one panel for about $23! 

 photo 325f0029-3da0-44e8-a10a-d1ba642d160f_zps4f358bcf.jpg

 photo e0d7b514-910b-4224-bddd-95e423194618_zps37c78b4a.jpg

My daughter absolutely loves the look and I of course love the price!  So all is good around here :)

Have a great day!!

September 15, 2014

A Personal Touch

 photo 7005f3a6-7bd2-4867-b834-679104fb2a52_zpse99b37fd.jpg

 photo 56b96599-cb26-4477-a179-ad5256ea2753_zps3a020219.jpg

Good Morning!  I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  Do you have a favorite photo that holds a special meaning or memory for you?  I love how a single picture can capture life's special memories and help us remember a moment in time.  It's a wonderful way to help recall our life stories and celebrations.  Once you press that little button, that precise moment is captured and it can never be captured again.  Reminiscing with pictures brings me such comfort and joy, so I partnered with Easy Canvas Prints to turn one of my favorite photos into a beautiful canvas.

 photo 55a09dad-2bb7-4e23-b225-e8aad8633d79_zps65e880a8.jpg

 photo c81a7e1a-9d50-438b-9711-06fb987732a3_zps846d9764.jpg

 photo c6011e93-8786-490b-aee9-189faaaf7c5d_zps7425d625.jpg

When I look at photographs, I'm transported back to that time the picture was taken and I become emerged in whatever the event, people, or feelings that are associated with the photograph.  For my beautiful 16 x 20 canvas I choose this family picture we took a couple of years ago that I actually used as our family Christmas card, but never framed.  I've always loved how this picture captured my children playing together with us watching over in the background.  I'm so happy to finally have it displayed in my home.  And I absolutely love how it has not only transformed this little nook, but how it has added a personal touch to our home.

And now some fun for you guys!  Easy Canvas Prints has generously offered to give a free canvas print to one of you!  So, check back next week for the giveaway...

Enjoy you day!

September 12, 2014

Fashion Friday

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 photo ad4a2d6c-a3a9-49a7-976f-f569e0ee4d90_zps4fa87d18.png

 photo d7cd469c-9f56-4d86-8888-bfdc132bb8d9_zpscd9df081.png

1 // 2 // 3

Good Morning and YAY for Friday!  My husband has been out of town this week, so it's been just me and kids the past few days, so I'm extra ready for weekend!  My kids are really pretty easy, it's just juggling the after school activities that gets a bit tricky when he's gone, but thank goodness for great friends that graciously help out!

 Just popping in to share these three transitional Summer to Fall clothing pieces that I just adore.  All really basic pieces that will fit most casual occasions and most importantly...all very affordable!  Are you ready for Fall, or are you hanging on to summer as long as you can?

Have a great weekend!

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September 10, 2014

Pendant Crush

 photo 9ec0494a-fa2f-4f26-bae3-7f231ab15125_zpsec69a0d0.jpg

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

I'm a bit obsessed when it comes to lighting and this pendant collection from Serena and Lily is stunning!  I think that lighting is a bit like a piece of jewelry in a room, adding just the right finishing touch to really create a stylish space.  The right light can not only illuminate a room with the perfect glow, but add texture and dimension to it's design.  From timeless, to lush and glamorous, I would be more than happy to hang any of these beauties in my home!  Which is your favorite?

Have a beautiful day!

 photo pinterest-29_zpsa954180e.png  photo TWITTER-13_zps8f2bf4c1.png  photo INSTAGRAM-16_zps3c983b67.png  photo FACEBOOK-8_zps1f3c1237.png  photo BLOGLOVIN-14_zps4d99fe48.png

September 8, 2014

Fall Decor // Front Porch

 photo fd602bdd-8622-4a66-a687-fedc25e2e57c_zps2e24ff8d.jpg

 photo f4304ae0-9f07-4c37-9061-bd28a2938f5b_zps65e14381.jpg

 photo f45a7707-8935-41ed-9b79-68d5ecc73899_zps7a150929.jpg

 photo ecf21754-7bb6-4ef2-a241-24728dadaba7_zps082a840c.jpg

 photo 7e58b387-daa1-43ff-9344-69456a11a941_zpsa8d7467d.jpg

So, how was your weekend?  Ours was football filled! Preston had his first football game of the season on Saturday morning and then we loaded up and traveled to College Station, TX for the Aggie game that evening.  We ended up leaving early because of a very long weather delay for the game, but had a great day tailgating and hanging out with friends before the game.

Have you started decorating for Fall yet?  I haven't started yet around our home, but I'm definitely thinking about it!  I'm thinking that my front porch area will probably look much like it did last year with a few minor changes.  If you've been around here awhile, you know I love things pretty simple.  And I really like to using brown, white and rustic elements as opposed to lots of traditional Fall colors like orange and red.  You can see more of my Fall décor under my "HOLIDAY" tab at the top of my blog or you can click here.

Have a great day!

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