October 14, 2014

A Desk for Lyla

 photo 9681a6df-d04d-4384-89d3-8e5c5cd0b77c_zps7c7bd991.jpg

Good Morning!  Were you lucky enough to have yesterday off?  We had a holiday here and it was a rainy day, so we spent our time at the movies and then home for a nap.  Sometimes it's nice to have a rainy day and the perfect excuse to be lazy.

So are you tired of seeing my daughter's room yet?  I think I am finally calling it done!  The last two projects I wanted to tackled were her pom pom curtains and her desk space.  I finished the curtains a couple of weeks ago and you can see the full post here.  And I finally got her desk in the right spot and added some accessories.  We actually moved this desk in her room from our playroom a little while ago, but it was on the opposite side and I never finished accessorizing it.  She has a nice size space between her bed and window, so I decided to move it there, so she would have lots of natural light pouring in.  Nothing too fancy, but she loves it!  One thing about Lyla is she is a child that will play by herself in her room or playroom for hours and this desk is one of her favorite spots!

 photo a4fd6c58-5522-4175-90f8-027c101c539d_zps527a359a.jpg

I think my favorite part are the flower bookends that I found at Home Goods.  How fun are those?  The bins for her colors, markers and other art supplies are from the container store, and I changed out the knob on the drawer with this pink one from Hobby Lobby.  We added a few old DIYs including the gold arrow, the pom pom garland and the heart clipboard.

 photo b64a7fff-373b-4f0d-8373-daf0da11fdf0_zps06f529f6.jpg

 photo a81ef94c-1275-4fca-b474-98137ccb6d1c_zps494776fd.jpg

So that does it!  Nothing like a 10 month room makeover...thanks for sticking with me while I finished this space at snail's pace ;)

Have a lovely day!


  1. Oh I love the desk, perfect and the accessories are great finds.

  2. So cute! The perfect desk for a little girl's room. :)

  3. Love it - it's a perfect fit with the style of the rest of Lyla's adorable room!

    1. Thank you! So glad to finish up this finally project in her room...on to the next 6 that are half finished ;)


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