October 31, 2014

October Top Five

Happy Halloween!  My kids can hardly contain their excitement for today's Halloween festivities!  They are so excited to dress up and collect candy, while in my mind, this day marks the start of my favorite season...the holiday season!  All the baking, decorating, and festive gatherings are what bring me excitement!

So before I get busy with holiday projects, here's a quick recap of October around our home....

 photo 40d1b83b-dd65-44f2-a4f3-b139fd54110e_zpsdb6920f3.jpg

 photo 958d5f78-978b-476e-a180-f78ffe65b304_zps4630ae27.jpg

 photo 8e50a39c-c973-4242-bc0b-d60576f8ccbe_zps37fa1c07.jpg

 photo b64a7fff-373b-4f0d-8373-daf0da11fdf0_zps06f529f6.jpg

 photo 89f6aca9-d6f5-4212-8758-8e541cec5d5b_zpsb10f744e.jpg

So that does it!  You can click the link below each picture for a full post if you would like to see more.  Good-bye October, it's been great!  Bring on the holidays...

Have a safe and happy Halloween!


  1. Oh i am with you, so ready for the holidays.

  2. Becky I missed your post on painting your doors - they look so pretty with your light and bright office as the backdrop! Are you loving them? I painted the interior of our front door black last year and loved it so much I ended up doing all the doors!! They completely changed the feel of my house.

    Looking forward to your post tomorrow!!

    1. Totally agree! It really changed the whole look. I love it and wish I would have done it sooner. Looking forward to your post as well :)


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