November 17, 2014

Another Office Project

 photo 2933b87b-7425-4d8e-97f7-1cb6838c359a_zps07d18e88.jpg

Good Morning!  First off I wanted to thank everyone for the very sweet comments on Instagram about my Better Homes and Gardens Magazine feature that hit the stands on Friday.  All the positive comments really made my weekend a special one.  I'll be sure to share more about that whole experience in more detail soon. 

For today, I was wondering what you all thought about my next potential project for our home office...which is painting the backs of our bookshelves the same color as the French Doors.  I've admired this look for awhile, but after seeing the huge impact that the dark doors made, I'm really loving the idea now.  My shelves still need more styling, but below is a current picture of the shelves.

 photo 3a09acd4-c693-4714-80cc-1b6e432363b4_zps72d5b9c7.jpg

 photo b3d306b7-6e42-49f8-93ac-8180cfe535bc_zps3e23a231.jpg

So I gathered a few inspiration pictures...

 photo 4cb8035b-337b-4b75-ba0a-487cfd7730a5_zps4cc51c8f.jpg
 photo 9bff9139-3289-457e-8757-49527d77c655_zpsb6339fc6.jpg
 photo d91a4007-1603-472c-9c93-9d9e0182e723_zpse598dab3.jpg
So any thoughts?  Should I go for it or do you like the white?

Have a great day!


  1. oh I love the idea of painting them. I think it'll look great!!

    1. Thanks Meredith! I love white, but really thinking it would look great dark too. And I could always repaint them, right?


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