February 26, 2015

Kitchen Accessories

Good Morning!  How is your week going?  All I can say about ours is that I'm so glad the weekend is right around the corner, because this week has been crazier than usual and the weekend can't be here fast enough!  We are also celebrating my mom and dad's 45th wedding anniversary on Saturday and I'm looking forward to heading to my hometown to see everyone. 

I absolutely love the concept of open kitchen shelving.  You too?  So today, I've rounded up a few of my favorite accessories that might help you style your kitchen.

Shop Kitchen Accessories

 photo 4ed2b42a-61ca-4df8-9a43-a34b432a5f67_zpsmajut2jh.jpg

So many goodies here.  Have you seen the galvanized line at Target?  So amazing!  Many of the others are from West Elm.  They are always a great source for kitchen accessories at a reasonable price. 

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. These are gorgeous!! I love open shelving and am constantly changing up our accessories on our shelves. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. We are so on the same wavelength today Becky...I just posted a pic to Instagram about my open cabinets in my current kitchen!! Too funny. I love those rustic wood shelves in a modern kitchen......someday!!!

  3. Love all of these of course! I'm thinking about replacing my upper cabinets with open shelving but it's such a hard trigger to pull! Hope you have a fun weekend visiting your family!

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  5. your post has given me an idea about desiginig the room. i want to buy some kitchen accessories and replace them with old ones it will helpful for me to design my kitchen


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