March 31, 2015

American Girl Baking Party

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Good Morning!  Lyla celebrated her seventh birthday over the weekend and I thought I would share a little about her party today.  She loves the American Girl Dolls!  Anytime anyone asks her what she wants for her birthday or Christmas, etc. it's always AG doll related.  If you're not familiar with the dolls, they have a girl of the year that they bring out January 1st and she is only available for one year.  And this year the girl is Grace Thomas, who loves to bake and takes a trip to Paris.  So, to go along with that theme, we had her party at a cute little bakery called "The Sweet Boutique." 

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We kept the guest list small and only invited five of her closest friends.  The girls each brought their AG dolls to the party (or borrowed one) and each doll had their own seat at the table as well.  The girls decorated Baker's hats, goodie boxes and cupcakes.

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And there was also lots of finger licking and silliness as well :)

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For party favors we did cakepops and Eiffel Tower charm necklaces which we wrapped in these darling macaron boxes that I picked up at World Market.  The girls also got to keep their aprons (found at Hobby Lobby) as part of their party favors.

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Love how her cake turned out!

 photo 720d93cc-3883-4942-8761-8dac4e96237f_zpscvn4qaok.jpg

And one more picture of me and the birthday girl! 

It was such a cute party with a really sweet group of girls.  But I'm still in shock that she is 7!  Slow down Father Time.

Have a great day!


  1. Adorable - all of it. I once did a giant American Girl board game party and it was so fun :-)

    1. Thanks Vicki! That does sound fun! The dolls are so cute. I'm just blown away by how crazy popular they are.

  2. How adorable!!! You can tell they all had a blast looking at their huge smiles :) Happy Birthday to your Lyla!

  3. I love everything about this! What a wonderful birthday party! =)

  4. Loving the party favors!!! Nicely done. My favorite part is all the missing teeth in those adorable smiles. Enjoy! My gal turns 15 this weekend.
    Sharon @ zoesfrontporch

  5. I will confess to dressing up my seven-year-old's AG dolls. By myself. Without the seven-year-old. Happy birthday to your little Mini Me!


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