March 20, 2015

DIY Easter Banner

 photo bc5c2fb1-6a98-44b7-8f48-6355e18fb51e_zpsrpkmtzuf.jpg

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Happy Weekend!  I am finally getting some Easter decorations up around our home and wanted to share with you guys.  My kids still get really excited when I put up any kind of holiday decorations, so I wanted to add a few Easter touches to our home.  Not finding a whole lot of décor that I liked in the stores, I decided to make my own.  I love how this little bunny banner turned out...sweet and simple.

 photo 5723f2f7-ceed-4691-bf3a-56a438be27dd_zpsc2rdjtdj.jpg

 photo 4edfcc21-1f05-426b-aa3c-3547ca1bcc41_zpse4wajeoj.jpg

To create this, I only had to buy the canvas banner kit and the stencil, everything else I already had on hand.  I found the banner kit at Michael's and the cute bunny stencil here.  I bought it for $0.99 even though I don't have a silhouette machine.  I figured that I could still print it and then trace it and cut my own stencil.  So that's what I did and it worked well :)  I traced the bunny to the size I wanted on cardstock and then cut it out.  I simply placed it on the canvas banner piece and started painting.  Really easy!

 photo ac52dd68-cb92-4e84-8c0f-e017726ce33a_zpsk7vlcpaj.jpg

 photo 0dfe2d1e-5f98-4409-96eb-f3b84b7b1bf3_zpsp6k1qapx.jpg

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 photo 95118d22-4da1-4306-85b0-f2f047fc628b_zpsenfp96je.jpg

I usually hang all my banners from my mantel, but really liked this one against the white cabinets, so I thought I would try a new spot. 

And totally switching gears...I am extremely excited that we finally bought new tile for our backsplash!!  Now, let's see how long it takes to get it installed...


  1. So cute! Perfect for the both Spring and the upcoming Easter holiday. Stumbled across your blog from your guest post on UHeart Organizing.

  2. What a darling banner!! Love it, Becky!! :) Your flowers make my heart so happy that spring has finally arrived!! Enjoy a beautiful first weekend of this glorious season! :) xo


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