April 6, 2015


 photo 371d3a3b-e8f1-42c8-9aa3-f42f1a334ad6_zpstw6qup1a.png

earrings | jumpsuit | necklace | sunglasses | bracelet | tote | sandals

I hope everyone had a fun weekend!  We decided not to travel anywhere for Easter this year, and I have to say it sure feels nice to start the week off rested instead of playing catch up.

What are your thoughts on the jumpsuit tread?  I have a major crush on them!  And there are so many styles I love!  I recently bought this one and this one from Target for $29 and love them both.  I'm still deciding if I like the wide leg or skinny leg look better.  But for the price, I might just keep both :)

So today I put together the look above with this jumpsuit from J.Crew and then did a jumpsuit roundup below.

Happy Shopping!


  1. I too have a big crush on the jumpsuit trend! I have one I'm eyeing at Nordstrom, I just can't tell if this will be one of those trends that I regret.:) Love those sandals too!

    1. I know, I had the same thought, so the $29 Target one was the one I bought :)


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