April 9, 2015

Instagram Lately

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Hi there!  Are you on Instagram?  It's definitely my favorite social media channel.  I post a lot of my blog pictures on there and then some of our personal pictures as well.  So today I thought I would share a few pictures from my IG feed that I haven't shared on here.

First up is Lyla's "naked" cake I made for our little family celebration at home.  She had her American Girl Baking Party which included an Eiffel Tower cake the weekend after her birthday, but we still wanted to celebrate with her on her actual birthday which fell during the week.  So I made this one from a box cake and topped it off with hot pink roses!

 photo fedf1ba3-8586-4255-a406-08c4547adfc1_zpsoblfmg12.jpg

February and March is Rodeo Houston time!  We took the kids and spent time at the carnival, livestock area and then finished off the night with a performance by Blake Shelton!

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Still one of my favorite tops this Spring.  (Limited sizes still available.)

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Walking our new pup around the neighborhood has been our favorite new activity.

 photo 8bf5cf92-fe0d-442a-8377-83ec3286e789_zpsn9rrmred.png

Love opening our shutters and letting the sunshine pour in!  And this new floral pillow has been a perfect addition to our all white bedding!

 photo c8ad18b6-bec1-4b73-b297-7876358983de_zpsx2a8albw.jpg

Baseball is in full swing.  This is Preston's fifth year to play, but the first year of kid pitch.  We've been through t-ball, coach-pitch, machine-pitch and finally I feel like it's the real deal.  

 photo 01abc4ad-3c59-4c81-82d0-16be1ef732ba_zps7kmxxys5.jpg

A couple of my favorite fashion pieces as we transition to warmer weather.  Love these white skinny jeans and this shirt.  The top is currently sold out, but here's a similar one I love too (and it's on sale!)

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And probably the most exciting thing for us has been this new addition...our "oodle" Sadie.  More on her coming soon :)

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Love our knockout roses this time of the year!

 photo 6d1e641f-a3d0-47e5-87a4-10611db7e80c_zpsfzs1ua5n.jpg

And this dress!  Love, love, love it!   I have it in black and pink and it's the most flattering, wrinkle free go-to dress.

 photo 4158ccdb-8bc1-4189-9936-ce284a563e0b_zpsjtzxb6gb.png

And finally daffodils!  So pretty!

So that's what's been happening on Instagram lately!  Have a beautiful day!

P.S.  I updated my "SHOP" tab with a few new pieces.  You can check it out here :)


  1. I always love your pictures on IG - they're so bright and happy!

    1. Thanks so much Amanda! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  2. How's life with the dog? I think it will be so fun when the boys are in sports, how cute are you at the game?

    1. So far so good with the pup! She has been so easy compared to our last dog that we had for 10years. The kids' sports are really fun! It gets crazy busy running them around, but trying to just enjoy it all, because I know I will blink and it will all be over.

  3. Oh kid pitch ... kid pitch is hilarious at first. And the poor kids just keep getting bonked by the wild pitches. I remember when Coop started kid pitch a couple of years ago, the first game, the very first kid at bat was beaned with a baseball. And the first inning was 45 min. long. I was like, what have we gotten ourselves into? But it is amazing how quickly they adapt. Although I did cringe the other night when Cooper was pitching and he hit the batter. I wish our knockouts were blooming!

    1. It is pretty funny! Thankfully they limit our innings to a 3 run rule until the 4th to help with the long innings of walks :) Hope you're having a nice weekend! I always love your comments!!


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