October 26, 2015

Halloween Cupcakes

Hi there!  Can you believe Saturday is Halloween?  My kids are super excited!  And since we were stuck inside all weekend because of all the rain in our area, it gave us the perfect opportunity to make our monster cupcakes!  These were really so easy, and lots of fun for everyone.

Knowing we were in for a rainy weekend, I picked up a yellow box cake mix, candy corn, chocolate and vanilla icing, candy eyes and colored icing writers.  I made the cupcakes as directed on the box, and after they cooled we got creative.

You can see from the pictures how to make the designs, but here are a few tips.  To make the hairy yellow and green monsters, I used the small colored icing writers and drew lines back and forth until the cupcake was covered.  Then I simply add the eyes and horns (candy corns).  For the blue monster cupcake I used the blue squirt can icing (see picture above).  It came with four different tips, and I used the star-shaped tip to cover the cupcake.  I added the candy eyes and my fury blue monster was done.  To make the mummy, I put vanilla icing in a quart size Ziploc bag and cut a tiny piece from the corner.  Then I went back and forth with the icing to make the gauze.


And here are my helpers and the cupcakes they created.  Sometimes I'm surprised how excited they get about doing simple activities like this.  I loved listening to them talk with one another about their ideas.

We are usually so busy on the weekends, that it was nice to have a little time to just hang out and relax together.
Have a beautiful day!


  1. These are too cute! My kids would love these. The perfect rainy day activity :)

    Taffeta & Tulips

    1. Thanks Kate! For sure...my two had a blast coming up with crazy monster ideas :)


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