October 29, 2015

Top Five Beauty Favorites

Happy Thursday!  That means the weekend is in sight which is always a good thing.  Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite beauty products.  I'm not a big makeup girl, and now that I'm getting older I have been trying to focus more on taking care of my skin and just keeping my daily routine easy.  I work part time, so the majority of the time my makeup is minimal since most days I'm running errands and carpooling kids around to baseball fields, gyms, etc.  But I have found a few products that have worked really well for me and thought I would share.

One -- Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo.  This is a new one for me and I actually never, ever thought I would use this.  I've heard others talk about dry shampoo, but never thought it would be something for my very oily scalp.  Here's how it works well for me.  It doesn't replace a wet shampoo by no means, but works so great for me about 24 hours after I've washed my hair.  I especially love using it if I've worked all day and then plan to work out or run a few errands in the morning, but don't feel like washing it.  I'll spray a little on my roots and work it into my hair before bed and it makes such a difference when I get up in the morning.  Definitely errand worthy hair.

Two -- Burt's Bees Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Blush 020.  I love having a good lip gloss to keep my lips from drying out, but also don't want a gloss that is a really bright color.  I love that this particular one adds a little touch of color to my lips while keeping them moisturized at the same time.

Three -- Tokoyo Milk Petit No.2 Lotion.  Love, love, love this lotion!  Silky, smooth and smells amazing!  It adds a little fragrance, but isn't overwhelming like a perfume.  And it also makes a great gift!

Four -- Rodan + Fields Eye Cream.  I'll be 39 in December, so anti-aging has become part of my daily skin care.  This under eye cream is my favorite.  I add a small dab every morning and night which brightens as well as helps fight the fine lines and wrinkles.

Five -- Ceptaphil.  I've washed both morning and night with this for years.  Love the smooth, gentle cleansing I get from it.

I'm really picky about my products, so these recommendations are ones I truly, truly love.  Have a great day!!


  1. I did pick up the lip gloss after seeing you wear it, and love it!I love that it keeps your lips super soft without being sticky like some glosses.


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