April 27, 2017

One Room Challenge Guest | Week Four

Morning!  Welcome back to week 4 of my One Room Challenge update.  If you want to catch up on where this room started, you can find all the details in these post: Week One,  Week Two and Week Three.  Things are moving along, but definitely feeling the pressure a bit.  As you will see from some of the pictures, we are tackling some projects in the evenings after kids are asleep just to stay on track.  So let's jump to it!

Window Trim

This window is the focal point of the kitchen, so I wanted to beef it up a bit.  There's not a whole lot of room between the window and cabinets, but we were able to add a small piece of trim which really gave it a more of a finished look.  These trim boards were then caulked, wood filled, primed and painted.

New Sheetrock

When we demoed the backsplash the drywall came off with the tile, which is expected.  So new sheetrock went in.

New Backsplash

And finally the backsplash.  When we first started thinking about redoing this kitchen I originally wanted to do 2x8 white subway tile in a herringbone pattern.  But the more I looked at the amount of backsplash we were working with and all the outlets, etc. to work around, it became apparent that going with the classic 3x6 in a horizontal pattern was best.  I just felt like it wasn't enough space to really create a herringbone pattern.  And my installer (aka my husband) was trilled as well, since this pattern is much easier to install. 

The grout is still wet in these pictures, so it's darker then the finished color.  The true color is a very, very light gray, so the backsplash has a more all white look.

And just to review...here is my plan for this space and what we have completed thus far:
  • paint the cabinets - Benjamin Moore Simply White
  • paint the walls - PPG Palomino Gray
  • replace hardware with gold pulls
  • new cabinet hinges and new drawer rollers
  • new electric outlets
  • replace the backsplash
  • replace outlet covers
  • trim out the window
  • replace the blinds with a roman shade
  • under cabinet lighting
  • move light above the sink to the wall
  • new light above the sink
  • replace light in breakfast room
  • maybes - new faucet, new barstools and chairs for breakfast area
After all this dirty work, I was excited to see my roman shade arrive.  I had to change to a different style then I posted on my inspiration board due to my window size being unavailable, but love the new style too!  And I am the most excited that my counter stools are supposed to arrive today!  I have been wanting these forever and can't wait to see them in my kitchen!!  Lighting is still up in the air.  We have been back and forth on pendants over the island or just going with a light above the sink and then using the larger Darlana pendant over the breakfast table.  Lighting is probably stressing me the most at this point.

Thanks for following along.  We are getting so close!


  1. Your backsplash looks fantastic Becky!! So excited for you!

  2. Yea for backsplash progress!!! Ok, question for you about the window trim. What size thickness wood did you use for the inside trim piece that meets the window? I've often thought about trimming out windows, but worried I wouldn't be able to open the window in towards me to clean it if the wood was too thick.

    1. Thanks girl! The inside window trim was a thin piece of paneling material that we cut to size. It was really the only thing that worked so we could still open the window.


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