November 2, 2017

ORC Guest Week 5 | Home Office Decor

Happy Thursday!  Welcome to Week 5 of the ORC guest series.  This week I'm sharing the artwork I decided on for this space.   My goal for this room was a calm, soothing space, so I needed artwork to possess those feelings as well.

This piece is from Minted and it's called "Away" and this is what the artist says about this print...

"Away" sets a calming scene set on the ocean where several sailboats can be seen in the distance. The crisp sky is soft and welcoming. My hope with any of my landscape work is to transport the viewer to a welcoming, dreamy memory of a familiar place. 

I love the colors and calm vibe it displays.  Below are a couple of iPhone snaps of the picture in our home office. 

I'm not sure if you've heard, but because of all the natural disasters that have happened throughout our country, Linda is extending the ORC series by one week.  So it looks like there will be two more weeks before the big reveal.

Things are really coming together in this room and I'm excited to share the finished look with you all, so stop back by next week!


  1. so calm and serene, and that art work is perfect for the spot and a home office to keep the creativity flowing! looking forward to seeing it all dressed up in a couple of weeks!

  2. Love the artwork you have chosen Becky.


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