August 12, 2014

Back To School Organization

Hey there!  I hope everyone is doing well.  We are back from the beach, where we had a great time visiting with family, while soaking in the sunshine and seawater!   And today I'm still left with lots of laundry and suitcases to unpack, but my brain has suddenly switched gears to back-to-school mode.  My kiddos go back on the 25th, so we are definitely in the last few days of summer.  With that said, I thought today I would share some back to school organization strategies that have helped our school days flow more smoothly.  You can click the link below each picture for a full post. 

 photo bdaf0f4a-bfc1-47f4-b56d-584412b244ff_zps7b92f483.jpg
 photo a926a3b9-c461-4349-83f4-e66e9d14b8ac_zps11abfa46.jpg

 photo 7f9bf9f1-df79-4085-a411-5e54f8fd3337_zps3803d3eb.jpg

 photo 5143d5b2-aafc-4f0e-bb05-7437642501df_zpsd56067bf.jpg

 photo 70bbf52f-35ed-46bd-9e14-c9b52d27b316_zps96393f26.jpg

 photo d0ea029f-ca08-44d1-b118-78b5883d1811_zps6406da88.jpg Organized Playroom

Having these organized spaces really help keep us on track!

Have a great day!



  1. With all that great organization, your family is ready to go!!

  2. You are so organized lady! Love the art station and baskets in the kitchen.
    Hope you are able to enjoy the last few days of summer!


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