October 8, 2014

September Top Five

Hello October!  It's always fun to look back and recap my favorite projects for the month.  And despite being a busy month with the start of school and new activities, it was still a productive month around here.  Here's a look at my September top five... 

 photo ead381e7-447d-4965-8779-0d5b9087aaf9_zps1bcd5188.jpg

 photo 94e8dfa3-e592-49ea-9955-e67b8ce0568f_zpsff719b6d.jpg

 photo 64b91b60-df3e-4c48-b7f7-0ae1a93dd8c3_zps6bcc9b83.jpg

 photo fe779260-5d89-4502-a20b-c5b0ad420402_zps6a172b2a.jpg

 photo fc0f4072-eff1-4178-a170-2cddc6d6cb5d_zps9dbf58c3.jpg

And you can click the link below each picture for a full post.  Thanks so much for reading :)

Have a fantastic day!!


  1. I love all of your fall decorations esp the pumpkins on the candle holders. Gorgeous.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment! I love decorating for the different seasons and holidays!


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