January 2, 2015

Best of 2014

Happy 2015!  Today, I'm taking a final look back at some of my top posts in 2014.  Here are a few of my favorite projects, recipes, crafts and décor...

 photo 1d7469fa-8e9e-41a2-86ef-f1184120ca6b_zps3e387b1a.jpg
One - Painted our office doors Urbane Bronze.

 photo eb942042-47c2-488a-9092-954d700005ab_zps4d9cce89.jpg
Two - Lemon bar recipe.

 photo 8e1def69-7cf7-4817-afb7-8b16ba7083d5_zpsa66d77ae.png
Three - DIY gilded arrow tutorial.

 photo 42a1b4c6-567d-419b-989c-4b5c6b5785fa_zpsccf110c8.png
Four - Chalkboard conversation heart toppers.

 photo 9eaa22d9-23ea-4631-95a4-56b47a79ff26_zpsdcaa4966.jpg
Five - Simple Spring mantel.

 photo 4eadcb45-2431-4c63-ab9f-2706cfaaa520_zps191c9371.jpg
Six - Finished up Lyla's room.  (DIY no sew pom pom curtains, new desk, pom pom garland)

 photo 3fdf96cf-4751-4fe3-9465-44c6aba13d45_zps0b732d04.jpg
Seven - Mini egg nest brownie recipe.

 photo 15691007-90e1-4c1d-ba67-00c163ca5d40_zpse9ae76de.jpg
Eight - Mother's Day table setting.

 photo e06c7439-633e-43be-849d-bf3706c61cb3_zpsc44726ab.jpg
Nine - New window seat to conceal a pile of cords.

 photo e0f7c395-9286-4a1e-a5cb-887033b59832_zps199363ae.jpg
Ten - Candy surprise cookies recipe.

 photo 5072c3f8-0d0d-41df-ba41-8edd840c093c_zps0c22fbbe.png
Eleven - Updated Preston's bedding.

 photo fcaff73c-45c2-4e90-bb10-7af90d0a4c74_zps18c9478a.jpg
Twelve - Patriotic treats (cupcakes toppers, star spangled shaped ice cream, s'mores bars)

 photo 82b1d9df-530c-4d7c-9e01-d25ec981c219_zps1627721b.jpg
Thirteen - Current state of our master bedroom.

 photo 36bcd5b8-d686-4bc4-ba4b-d028ce054360_zpse575bd17.jpg
Fourteen - Back to school ice cream party.

 photo e49badcb-4542-488b-9e16-06343cfe5ca7_zps01e05922.jpg
Fifteen - Fall table décor.

 photo 1fdce9c7-2a96-4280-889c-1d3b98e76eca_zps67b00bb8.jpg
Sixteen - Spider cookie recipe.

 photo gathertable_zpsd1f7e4aa.jpg
Seventeen - Our Thanksgiving tablescape.

 photo cranberrymargitos_zpsea3d81a9.jpg
Eighteen - Cranberry margaritos recipe.

 photo christmastable_zpsa35eeea8.jpg
Nineteen - Our cozy Christmas table.

 photo christmashometour_zps759139f9.jpg
Twenty - Our Classic Christmas home tour.

So that wraps up 2014 on this little blog space of mine.  Thanks so much for coming along with me on this journey.  And thanks so much for reading, commenting, and inspiring me to continue doing what I love to do.  I am so grateful.

Happy New Year!  Here's to a beautiful 2015!!


  1. What a wonderful collection of projects! Everything is so beautiful and full of color! Happy New year to you!

  2. Beautiful photos Becky. Have so enjoyed following along.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Some wonderful projects this year Becky! So glad I've been able to follow along!
    Happy New Year!


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